Om Anne | Anne von Wowern

My Why

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by a surplus of clothing choices or frustrated by trends that quickly go out of style, leaving your closest cluttered with unused items? 

Statistics indicate that we use only around 10% of our clothing and accessories in our wardrobe. 

This is a driving force behind my desire to create timeless lifestyle pieces suitable for various occasions. 


Speaking of scarves, I tend to always choose the same 2-3 throughout the year. Hence, having this go-to scarf that elevates my outfit, provides warmth when needed, and shields my hair from rain is invaluable. It effortlessly transitions from casual to evening chic, both indoor and outdoors, adding a touch of cool chic to my look without being fluffy or large. Allowing me to shine as myself. 


Paris as inspiration

The idea to create my own brand, started in Paris, when I was working within the fashion industry, helping my client Lane Crawford in Hong Kong, with finding new and up-coming brands. I saw a lot of collections from all over the world. Everybody wanted to be discovered in Paris. Some nice collections/ideas, but with poor quality or finish. Or the other way round, meticulously well-done items but with no story or red thread in the collection – just not standing out as something special. 


A crucial lesson from my time in Paris was the importance of “having an eye”. This ability involves noticing small details with twisted color combinations, fabrics and fits. Having an eye comes from the French expression “Avoir l’oeil”.

A sense of detail

There is one feeling that one runs through my styles/design: A sense of detail. An eye for the little things that make a big difference. In my work, authenticity and passion are keywords. A mix between the French and the exotic. Inspiration that is lived and experienced in my approach to life itself. The mystique and music of the East, colors and patterns, and the scent of incense. Silence, warmth, nature, and meditation. 

To live healthily and in present moment, using intuition. To be a mother and have the family around.