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Tips for daily use

Good style thrives on nuances. The overall look may make a bit of noise because it should never become dull. However, the design will always lean towards the classic end of the spectrum, allowing the various styles to be used again and again in entirely different contexts. And always in a way that lets the "inner cool" shine through, with a quote from Caroline de Maigret

How to fold your scarf

In each corner of the scarf, there is a fleur-de-lis, each in its own color. If you fold the scarf diagonally once, you'll create a triangle. Place the tip of the triangle in front and wrap the scarf around your neck. This way, you can choose the outward-facing color based on your mood or to match your outfit. Feel free to switch between different colors. Choose according to your mood - see pictures under scarves in the menu.

Do not wash your scarf in the washing machine!

Please be aware that the fringes may tangle, even if you wash it in the machine using the wool program. Therefore, we recommend having the scarf professionally cleaned.