Tørklæder | Anne von Wowern


The scarves are designed by Anne von Wowern and produced in Italy at a family-owned factory that takes pride in working as they have for generations, prioritizing quality over time. The materials are carefully selected to create a scarf that is delightful to the skin and pleasing to the eye.

Weaving consists of 70% wool and 30% silk.

Introducing our timeless accessory, the scarf is designed with hand-drawn symbols that are essential to Anne von Wowern's universe:

The eye, which is the mirror of your soul.

The eagle, symbolizing wisdom, balance, and the art of seeing life from a broader perspective.

The French lily, embodying French elegance. 

and the heraldic crest, a legacy of her family's name for centuries. 


I find it important to connect with yourself every day, being mindful of your energy and being kind to yourself - It's the most important relationship you have in your life.