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Gabrielle Gabrielle


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Discover the story of our timeless scarf, Gabrielle. The grey-taupe background is complemented by shades of dark grey and brown, which give the overall expression an elegant allure. To add some sparkle, the French lilies have been filled with brighter colors, such as a beautiful dark green, a subtle oxblood red, a pink icing and a warm yellow hue. 

Made from 70% wool and 30% silk, this woven scarf provides the warmth of wool while maintaining a subtle elegance without the shine of pure silk. Its graceful and lightweight design ensures its suitability for all seasons. The fringes are hand-made, where the threads are carefully removed.  

With dimensions of 90 x 90 cm, this scarf is a creation of Anne von Wowern, produced in Italy at a family-owned factory.


Tips for daily use: 

Great style is in the details. For a cool, chic look, you can wear our timeless scarf, Gabrielle, together with a biker jacket. For a more classic elegant expression, wear it with a woolen coat. 

If it is windy and you want to use it close to your neck, you can easily wrap it twice around your neck and tie with a little double knot in front (see photo). 


The timeless scarf features hand-drawn symbols that hold significant meaning in Anne von Wowern’s universe: 

These symbols include the eye, representing the mirror of the soul; the eagle, symbolizing wisdom, balance, and the ability to see life from a broader perspective; the French lily, embodying French elegance; and the heraldic crest, a timeless emblem associated with her family’s name for centuries. 

The fusion of a timeless accessory with symbols serving as a daily reminder of a balanced life holds significant meaning in Anne von Wowern’s design philosophy. 

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