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Virginie Virginie Virginie


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This black scarf stands out with its strong color contrasts. The cream-white hue softens "the look", complemented by subtle grey tones. This blend adds a touch of sophistication, and the colorful French lilies give the scarf a unique twist.

Crafted from a luxurious blend of 70% wool and 30% silk, this woven piece of accessory is soft without shining from the silk. Can be used all year round, both inside and outside, light and chic in its appearance. 

Measures 90 x 90 cm. 

Designed by Anne von Wowern and produced in Italy at a family-owned factory. 


Tips for daily use: 

The good style lives in the nuances. The whole look may make a little noise because it should never be boring. So have fun with your scarf and tap into your “inner cool” and shine just as you are, quoted by Caroline de Maigret.  

The Virginie scarf can be multifunctional. First, it adds a touch of sophistication to a classic outfit. Then, when it rains, you wear it over your head like Grace Kelly (see photo). Or just being cool as on the dark-haired model.


Introducing our timeless accessory, the scarf Virginie, showcases hand-drawn symbols that hold great significance to Anne von Wowern's world: 

The eye, which is the mirror of the soul - The eagle, symbolizing wisdom, balance, and the art of seeing life from a broader perspective - The French lily, embodying French elegance - and the heraldic crest which has been associated with her family's name for centuries. 

The scarf features the story about listening to your intuition, embracing self-connection, and practicing kindness. Remember, you are your own best friend; always speak to yourself with gentleness and compassion. 

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