Delphine | Anne von Wowern
Delphine Delphine


1.295 DKK

Each scarf tells a unique story. The Dark Blue variant, with its gentle navy hue, is combined with pigeon blue, light grey and black tones. 

Crafted with a passion for details, including fine lines and contrasting color on specific parts of the symbols. Each corner features the French lily in a different contrast color - some more pronounced than others. 

Made from a blend of 70% wool and 30% silk, this woven scarf provides the softness of wool without the shine of pure silk. Its lightweight and elegant design makes it suitable for year-round use. 

Measures 90 x 90 cm. Designed by Anne von Wowern and produced in Italy at a family-owned factory. 


Tips for daily use:

This design choice allows you the freedom to select the color that matches your mood. For instance, if folded once as a triangle (see photo), do you then want to match your lipstick with the pink lily or add an edge with the vibrant yellow? The choice is yours. 


The scarf is designed with hand-drawn symbols that are essential to Anne von Wowern's universe: 

The eye, which is the mirror of the soul - The eagle, symbolizing wisdom, balance, and the art of seeing life from a broader perspective - The French lily, embodying French elegance - and the heraldic crest which has been associated with her family's name for centuries. 

Why not consider using this scarf as a daily reminder to reconnect with yourself? In our fast-paced lives, taking a moment to slow down and breathe deeply is essential – and the best part is, you can do it anywhere!

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