Anne von Wowern

Elevate Your Style with Chic Timeless Cool

Discover the power of accessories with our scarf.

Introducing our classic scarf with a modern twist. It’s a timeless accessory that adds a unique touch to any outfit, suitable for all seasons. 


"It’s a simple yet impactful way to express your individuality and make your wardrobe last longer. Own your style, have fun, feel empowered and let your confidence shine! That’s meaningful design to me."

- Anne von Wowern

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My Vision

My vision is to create a universe with aesthetic and timeless lifestyle items, manufactured in Europe using the traditional craftmanship method in very small series. The meaning of it all resides in the quality, durability of the fabric and the timeless and holistic approach to fashion and accessories. 


I want to create “aesthetics” that adds value to the customers in a meaningful way, so to speak. With the symbols, I want the item, be an everyday reminder to check in with yourself – listen to your inner voice. 

Carve out a few moments to stillness, observe your thoughts and where the energy is moving. There is no right or wrong. Be kind to yourself. 


The relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you have in life. 


Always allow the inner cool to shine through

Good style lives in the nuances. The overall look can be a bit noisy, as it should never be boring. However, the design will always be in the classic end of the scale, so the different styles can be used again and again in entirely different contexts. Always allowing the “inner cool” to shine through, with a quote from Caroline de Maigret. 


More timeless lifestyle items will be released in limited editions, designed to enhance your life, each carrying a message or symbol as a reminder to check in with yourself daily. 


It’s a pleasure to introduce you to the Anne von Wowern universe, and I hope to inspire you.

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